The book launch of the document 'Woolf I - IX' coincided with the bindings' presentation at Collect 18 at the Saatchi Gallery in London.


98pp, with an introductory essay and 1:1 reproductions of the bindings, background information, and text excerpts. 


Text: Annette Friedrich, Virginia Woolf

Design: BUCHmacher, Germany 

Photo: Shannon Tofts, Scotland


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Nine novels

by Virginia Woolf.

Nine fine bindings

by Annette Friedrich.



"A few years ago I noticed that something was about to change within my artistic practise. I decided to frame this point of departure within a set project: 'On a Stroll with ...' 


And as my work is so closely linked to literature and authors, I needed a strong partner in crime. I found my unbeknownst collaborator in Virginia Woolf and her astounding body of work. I am intrigued by her themes and literary vision that took her a lifetime to investigate and develop.

Virginia Woolf was an explorer and made me want to 'go out there' and gain new ground myself.


Adhering strictly to the chronological order of her nine novels I found myself precariously up and in the air."


A beautiful documentation has now been published, that traces the development of this project, which, as it turns out, took seven years to complete. WOOLF I - IX !