Between the Acts


Virginia Woolf

photos by Shannon Tofts

execution of design (on boards) by Claude Ribal, Paris

The Hogarth Press, London 1941

(first edition)

188 x 127 x 32 mm

Part of the group Woolf I-IX

now to be found in the collection:

[private] China

Full leather binding in blue goatskin with green sewn silk headbands, leather joints, and champagne (with a purple tint) bord-à-bord doublures and yellow flyleaves. The book is housed in a chemise and lives in a slipcase.


The book's design is tooled in three shades of metallic foil (2x silver, 1x gunmetal), and twenty-three shades of coloured pigment foil (1x white, 4x grey, 1x purple, 3x blue, 2x yellow, 5x red, 4x green, and 3x brown). Special guests: transparent pearl and transparent neon yellow foil. The chemise is inlaid with a mosaic of green and purple papers and tooled in green and purple foil. The slipcase is covered with green paper and lined with equally green Alcantara. All papers used are hand-dyed. 

‘Between the Acts’ described the mounting, performance, and audience of a pageant play in the grounds of a country house. It is a fine day, the visibility is good but with occasional showers. The local community attends and performs in equal measures whilst the rumblings of the build-up for the Second World War can be heard in the distance.

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