Virginia Woolf

photos by Shannon Tofts, Edinburgh

execution of design (on boards) by Claude Ribal, Paris

The Hogarth Press, London 1928

(first edition)

220 x 145 x 28 mm

Part of the group Woolf I-IX.

now to be found in the collection:

[private] China

Full leather binding in red goatskin with grey sewn silk headbands, leather joints, and green bord-à-bord doublures and flyleaves. The book is housed in a chemise and lives in a slipcase.


The book's design is tooled in four shades of metallic foil (1x silver, 1x champagne, 1x purple, 1x green) and seventeen shades of pigment foil (1x white, 1x grey, 2x purple, 2x blue, 3x yellow, 3x red, and 5x green). Special guests: transparent pearl and iridescent silver foil. The chemise is inlaid with light and dark green paper and the title is tooled in iridescent and silver pearl foil. The slipcase is covered with green paper and lined with green Alcantara.

All papers used are hand-dyed.

Orlando, the eponymous hero, is born as a male nobleman in England during the reign of Elizabeth the first. At the age of about thirty he undergoes a mysterious change of sex and lives on for more than 300 years into modern times without ageing perceptibly. Orlando is a light-hearted novel, dashing with great flamboyancy from one adventure and ‘setting’ to the next, poking fun at his/her protagonist and daring reason to just take a back-seat for a bit.

bound 2016