Night and Day


Virginia Woolf

photos by Shannon Tofts


George H. Doran Company, New York 1920

(first edition, USA)

200 x 145 x 50 mm

For sale as part of the group Woolf I-IX.

Full leather binding in yellow goatskin with mauve sewn headbands, leather joints, and silver endpapers. The book is housed in a chemise and lives in a slipcase.


The book's design is tooled in six shades of pigment foil (1x grey, 2x rose, and 3x green) and platinum leaf. The chemise is inlaid with green paper and decorated with narrow silver paper-inlays, and tooled with silver and pigment foil (1x rose). The slipcase is covered with silvery mauve paper and is lined with dark green Alcantara. All papers used are hand-dyed.